"for 'tis a question left us yet to prove, whether love lead fortune, or else fortune love."

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Reasons I Hate My Roommate

1. She stares at me. Often. And for extended periods of time. WHY?!

2. She smells.

3. She doesn’t shower. (see #2)

4. She likes to look over my shoulder as I sit at my desk and watch me do my work.

5. Not once has she taken out the recycling, I have had to do it EVERY SINGLE TIME.

6. She never replaces the toilet paper when she uses the last of it.

7. She uses my stuff without asking, and then doesn’t put it back where she got it from.

8. She uses my Keurig every morning (which I said she could), but she leaves a mess with all of her k-cups and stuff on my desk that I then have to clean up. 

9. She mumbles all of her words and 99% of the time I have no fucking clue what she is saying.


11. She’s unbelievably immature.

12. She takes 20 minutes to tell me an irrelevant story that could’ve been told in 20 seconds.

13. She makes no effort to be quiet in the morning when she has to get up before me.

14. She’s stupid.


  -  13 October

i must just be really boring and unlikeable 

been at school for 4 weeks and i don’t have any friends lol yay this is so fun love college!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i go to a school with 20,000 people and I’ve never felt more alone

i just feel so unimportant 

  -  19 August
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